To some people the above image is a sunset. To some people it is a sunrise. Which would you choose? Is it a sunrise or a sunset? We are all faced with choices in life. Some are more important than others.

This website is about choices in life. Important choices! Most decisions in life come down to two choices and that is why we have come up with the name

We hope to help answer some of the questions you may have when you are faced with important choices that will impact the rest of your life.

Please read the stories on our site that relate to the “fork in your road.” In fact read them all. Revisit us often, as we will be constantly adding new stories. We hope they will help you. If you would like further information to help you make that important choice, email us at

If you would like to submit a story that you think might help other people in their important decisions, please select our “Submit Stories” link.

Suggestions to improve our site are always welcome.

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